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Egypt. Nile, Isle of Philae Egypt, Eastern Desert, Coptic orthodox monastery of St Paul the anchorite, dating from fifth century Egypt, Karnak, Temple of Amon, the hypostyle hall, 19th Dynasty Ramesses, seated statue of pharaoh, Temple of Karnak, Luxor, Egypt St Catherines Monastery, Mount Sinai formerly Israel, now Egypt St Catherines Monastery, built by Emperor Justinian, Mount Sinai, formerly Israel, now Egypt
EG56A EG118-2-17 EG50-4-17 EG112-12TR EG17-8-14JT EG17-9-14JT
Egypt, Cairo, the Citadel, nineteenth century mosque of Mohammed Ali Egypt,  Eastern Desert, the Monastery of St Paul the anchorite, camels transporting the local stone Sphinx and Pyramid at Giza, Egypt Anubis embalming Sennedjem in the tomb of Sennedjem, wall painting 1292 BC, Thebes, Egypt Egypt, Thebes, village on the West Bank, house painted with  signs showing that the owner has completed a pilgrimage to Mecca Suleyman restores castle in Egypt, miniature from 16th century MS H.1524 p291a, Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
EG1000BS EG117-9-17 EG24JT EG46-1-17 EG43-10-17 TR14-4-05A
Flight into Egypt, 19th century stained glass, Church of St Aignan, Chartres, France Egypt, Karnak, Temple of Amun, view from second pylon through the hypostyle hall to the granite obelisk erected by Thutmose I Egypt, Cairo, the Citadel, ablutions fountain in courtyard of Mohammed Ali Mosque Egypt, Thebes, Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu Flight into Egypt, 15th century stained glass, Sacraments Chapel, Cologne Cathedral, Germany Egypt feluccas on the Nile in the setting sun
FR976-10-34 EG49-7-17 EG46-VW EG47-8-17 GE116-10-12 EG55-9A-17
Egypt, Karnak, Temple of Amun, relief on the 6th pylon, tribes of the south and of Syria which were subjugated by the army Egypt, Karnak, Temple of Amun, five of the ram-headed sphinxes in the avenue leading to the first pylon Egypt, Greco-Roman temple at Kom Ombo, dedicated to Horus and Sobek, begun by Ptolemy VI, second century BC Egypt, Eastern Desert, the Coptic orthodox monastery of St Paul the Anchorite and two camels Egypt, Karnak, Temple of Amun, granite obelisk erected by Thutmose I, 1st dynasty, central court Egypt, Aswan, Elephantine Island
EG52-10-17 EG55-2-17 EG112-6TR EG114-1-17 EG51-9-17 EG114-16-TR
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