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February, bringing in logs for fire, sixteenth century, one of the Labours of the Month, vitraux de Montigny, Rouen Museum, France January, feasting, sixteenth century, one of the Labours of the Month,  vitraux de Montigny, Rouen Museum, France Last Judgement, circa 1225-1230, central tympanum, west end, Notre Dame, Paris, France Life of Christ window, fourteenth century, east side, south aisle, Strasbourg Cathedral, France Musical angels, 1515, detail from Tree of Jesse, Autun Cathedral, France Massacre of the Innocents, SS Raymond of Pegnafort, Leonard, Aquilin, George and instruments of the Passion, 1520-25, St Aquilin chapel, Evreux cathedral, France
FR760-1-18 FR760-7-18 FR1-1-09 FR208-3-12 FR35-10-10 FR176-4-12
West Rose, Rheims Cathedral, France Francis I of France, Eleanor of Austria, St Francis receiving stigmata, St Eleanor, cartoon by B. Van Orley, 1540, Brussels Cathedral, Belgium Chained devil, Resurrection window, 1308-45, Chapel of St Lawrence, Strasbourg Cathedral, France Grisaille window with Annunciation, fourteenth century, Chartres Cathedral, France Immaculate Conception, Linard Gonthier, seventeenth century, Troyes Cathedral, France Deposition, sixteenth century, Notre Dame, Chalons-en-Champagne, France
FR2221-6-12 BE16-3-12 FR205-10-12 FR113-2-12 FR161-9-12 FR48-6-10
Ark of the Covenant, twelfth century, Basilica of St Denis, Paris, France Last Supper, thirteenth century, Bourges Cathedral, France Tree of Jesse, twelfth century, Chartres Cathedral, France Jesse tree, detail, with grey jackass, sixteenth century, Sens Cathedral, France Apocalypse, Christ on throne of Judgement, thirteenth century, Bourges, France Donor Raoul de Ferrieres presenting model of window to Virgin anad Child, fourteenth century, north clerestory, Evreux Cathedral, France
FR65-10-10 FR12-7-10 FR1-5-10 FR160-4-12 FR15-3-10 FR173-6-12
Crucifixion window with Guy de Laval and his family, Montmorency, France Butchers Judgement of Solomon, circa 1200, Strasbourg Cathedral, France Life of the Virgin, detail, twelfth century, Angers Cathedral, France Jean Chevalier (left) and grisaille panels, fourteenth century, Chapel of St Joseph, Evreux Cathedral, France Five lancets under north rose, Melchizedek, Nebuchadnezzar, David, Saul, St Anne, Virgin Mary, Solomon, Jeroboam, Aaron above Pharaoh, Chartres Cathedral, France
FR228-6-12 FR194-2-12 FR199-2-12 FR129-10-12 FR179-6-12 FR80-5-12
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