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Jesse window, Volkamer window, by Peter Hemmel von Andlau, 1480, Lorenzkirche, Nuremberg, Germany Volkamer window, 1480, detail of David, etc., by Peter Hemmel von Andlau, Lorenzkirche, Nuremberg, Germany Head of Christ, 1050-70, Strasbourg Museum, Germany Christ carrying the Cross, fifteenth century, Hans Acker, Besserer Chapel, Ulm Cathedral, Germany Life of Mary, 1320, Freiburg Munster, Germany Mary Magdalene, Virgin Mary, St Catherine, in Taylors
GE43-7-12 GE40-6-12 FR202-6-12 GE19-6-10 GE5-8-10 GE70-5-12
St James the Great, by Jan Thorn Prikker, west choir, Church of St Georg, Koln, Germany St Matthew, 1343, Regensburger Dom, Germany Grisaille detail, 1280-90, sacristy, Kolner Dom, Germany Crucifixion, 1320, Freiburg Munster, Germany Foliate panel, thirteenth century, from Erfurt, now in Darmstadt Museum, Germany Archbishop Philipp von Daun with saints Peter and Sebastian, 1508-09, Kolner Dom, Germany
GE136-1-12 GE55-1-12 GE129-6-12 GE4-7-10 GE34-2-12 GE124-5-12
Guild coat of arms from Arms of Von Salm and Habsburg, 1508-09, Kolner Dom, Germany Graf Johann I von Nassau, 1360-70, Munster Landesmuseum, Munster, Germany Painting of the Virgin by St Luke being given by Empress Eudoxia to St Pulcheria from Jerusalem, Passion window, fifteenth century, Jacob Moses lancet, 1150-60, by Gerlachus, Munster Landesmuseum, Germany St Cecilia, patron saint of music, thirteenth century, Church of St Kunibert, Cologne, Germany
GE29-10-12 GE127-1-12 GE99-5-12 GE60-4-12 GE100-4-12 GE91-1-12
Magi, Nativity, Bible window, Three Kings Chapel, Cologne Cathedral, Germany All Saints window, 1315-20, St John Man of Sorrows and instruments of the Passion, 14th century, Freiburg Cathedral, Germany Six panels in Bible window of which 3 are fourteenth century  and 3 nineteenth century, Frauenkirche, Esslingen, Germany St Paul, 1345, Regensburg Cathedral, Germany Gold crucifix, twelfth century, Freiburg, Germany
GE121-3-12 GE127-5-12 GE5-5-10 GE74-8-12 GE55-7-12 GE1-1-10
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