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Christ carrying the cross, wall painting by Pietro Lorenzetti circa 1320, Lower Basilica, Assisi, Italy Christ and the Adultress, 16th century stained glass by Guglielmo (Guillaume) de Marcillat, Arezzo Cathedral, Italy St Anthony of Padua preaching to the fishes, Giottesque Master, 14th century stained glass, lower church, Basilica of St Francis, Assisi, Italy St Francis and miracle of the spring, 14th century wall painting said to be by Giotto, upper basilica, Assisi, Italy St Francis receives the stigmata, 14th century wall painting by Pietro Lorenzetti, lower basilica, Assisi, Italy St Francis, wall painting by Cimabue circa 1280, north transept, lower basilica, Assisi, Italy
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St Thomas Aquinas, 15th century stained glass, Santa Maria Novella, Florence, Italy Doubting Thomas, 15th century mosaic, St Marks Basilica, Venice, Italy St Paul before Nero, Palermo Palatine Chapel 12th century mosaic Alexander mosaic, Battle at Issus, horsemen, circa 100 BC, from the House of the Faun, Pompeii, now in National Archaeological Museum, Naples, Italy Arch of Titus, Ist century AD, Roman Forum, Rome, Italy St Francis receiving his rule from Pope Honorius III, 14th century wall painting by Giotto, upper basilica, Assisi, Italy
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Loading an ostrich for shipment to Roman circus, 3rd to 4th century mosaic in imperial villa, Piazza Armerina, Sicily Italy small statue of a Gladiator in the Pompeii Museum Italy, Rome St Peters Basilica, statue of St Peter by Arnolfo di Cambio circa 1296 Italy, Ravenna, San Vitale, sacrifices of Abel and Melchizadek 6th century Byzantine mosaic Italy, Rome, interior of St Peters Basilica, St Peter Italy, Ravenna,  San Vitale  St Mark and his symbol 6th century Byzantine mosaic
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Italy,  Ravenna, San Vitale, St Mark, 6th century Byzantine mosaic Italy Ravenna San Vitale St Simon 6th century Byzantine mosaic Italy Ravenna San Vitale symbol of St Mark 6th century Byzantine mosaic Italy Ravenna Dome of the Baptistry of Arians, St Peter 6th century Byzantine mosaic Italy Rome St Pauls Basilica marble statue of St Peter holding the keys Italy Herculaneum side street and houses
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