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Oval piazza and cardo, first century, Jerash, Jordan Doorway and stairs from Cardo to Cathedral, Jerash, Jordan Cardo, north-south oriented Roman street, Jerash,  Jordan North Tetrakonion, and north end of Cardo, Jerash, Jordan Umayyad house and south Decumanus,  Jerash, Jordan South Tetrakionion looking north along Cardo, Jerash, Jordan
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Churches of Saints Cosmas and Damian, and St George, sixth century, Jerash, Jordan Oval forum, first century seen from temple of Zeus, Jerash, Jordan Church of St John the Baptist, sixth century, Jerash, Jordan The forum, Jerash, Jordan Madaba, 6th century mosaic map of the Holy Land, Church of St George, Madaba, Jordan Madaba, 6th century mosaic map of the Holy Land, Church of St George, Madaba, Jordan
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Bedouin boy outside tent holding a lamb, Jordan Gadara, one of the cities of the Decapolis, aerial view, Umm Qays, Jordan Petra, aerial view of the Nabatean hillside tombs, Jordan Wadi Rum, aerial photograph, Jordan Aaron Jerusalem, detail of 6th century mosaic map, floor of Orthodox Parish Church of St George, Madaba, Jordan
J90-4E-22JT J132-2-22JT J107-9C-22JT J111-7-22JT J114-1B-22JT J16-7-21JT
Monastery, El-Deir, Petra, Jordan Woman preparing fire in clay oven, Jordan Urn tomb, one of Royal Nabataean tombs, Ist century AD, carved in face of Jabal al-Khubtha mountain, view through entrance to colonnaded court, Petra, Jordan Bdoul bedouin on roof of circular tholos of Nabataean Monastery (ad-Deir), Ist century BC-AD, in mountain above Petra, below carved urn, Petra, Jordan Theatre, 1st century AD, Nabataean, carved out of rock, Petra, Jordan Obelisk tomb in Bab as-Siq whose four obelisks (nefesh) represent souls of the dead, Ist century BC-AD, Petra, Jordan
J117-9B-22JT J156-8-22JT J57-10-90JT J59-10-90JT J63-4-90JT J75a-29-99JT
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