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Obelisk tomb in Bab as-Siq whose four obelisks (nefesh) represent souls of the dead, Ist century BC-AD, Petra, Jordan Two of three Djinn blocks in Bab as-Siq, tower tombs, 2nd century  BC or earlier, Petra, Jordan Carved monument at Siq al-Barid (cold gorge), Ist century AD, at Beidha, near Petra, Jordan Carved façade at entrance to possible place where traders stayed, Siq al-Barid (cold gorge) Ist century AD at Beida, near Petra, Jordan Street of facades near theatre showing variety of tomb styles, Ist century BC-AD, Petra, Jordan Lion triclinium, Ist century BC-AD,  just off path leading to Monastery, with lion relief carving on either side of entrance, Petra, Jordan
J76a-5-99JT J105-08JT J118-4-98JT J119-4-98JT J128-08JT J133-08JT
One of several Nabataean houses, Ist century AD, excavated at Zantur on South slope of Petra basin, Jordan Tombs, Ist century BC-AD, near theatre, showing single crowstep and arch-topped design, Petra, Jordan Tomb 69, Ist century BC-AD, west end of Outer Siq, with monumental crowstep, double cornice and classical pillars and portal, Petra, Jordan Capital of column of lower order on Treasury (Khazneh), Ist century BC-AD, carved into rock face opposite end of Siq, Petra, Jordan Tomb of Arrianos, (tomb 66), 2nd century AD, at beginning of Outer Siq, Petra, Jordan Street of facades near theatre showing variety of smaller tombs, Ist century BC-AD, Petra, Jordan
J137-9-98JT J3034-11JT J3045-11JT J3056-11JT J3066-11JT J3068-11JT
Great Temple (or royal building), seen from South, Ist century BC-2C AD, with Temple of Winged Lions on slope opposite, Petra, Jordan Niche with relief altar and inset god-block, Umm-al-Biyara, mountain overlooking Petra on West, Petra, Jordan Temple of Winged Lions, Ist century AD with forest of columns around raised altar, Great Temple in background, Petra, Jordan Group of Nabataean carved tombs, Mughar-an-Nasara, just North of Petra basin, Petra, Jordan Treasury (Khazneh) Ist century BC-AD, carved into rock face opposite Siq, aerial, Petra, Jordan Royal tombs, Ist century AD, carved in face of Jabal-al-Kubtha on East of Petra basin, aerial, Petra, Jordan
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Two cameleers and their camels, (1.5 times lifesize), Ist century BC, carved into the rock face of the Siq, Petra, Jordan Bedouin family (Bdoul tribe) living in caves of Wadi Farasi, South of Petra, Jordan Turkmaniyye tomb inscription (part) in Nabataean script (a form of aramaic), Ist century AD,  Petra, Jordan Niche in Siq with ovoid representation of God Dushara of Ardra Qasr al Bint, the main temple of Petra, Ist century BC, standing in large temenos (sacred precinct) at end of colonnaded street, Petra, Jordan North end of the L-shaped Citadel, with Bronze and Iron Age walls, eighth century Umayyad complex, surrounded by modern city, aerial, Amman, Jordan
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